GR Pipe & Plain Pipe


Application Area:

Orchard and gardens: Such as fruit trees and flowers.

Greenhouse and farmland

Product Feature:

  • Cylindrical drippers are inserted into extruded PE pipe.
  • Different dripper spacing, wall thickness, diameter and flow rate is available.
  • It has wide and turbulent water flow passageway and the dripper is self flushing and anti-block.
  • Two kinds of drippers are available: pressure-compensated and non-pressure compensated.
  • Little pressure loss and accurate water flow.
  • Aging resistance of the tape is strong and the service life is long.

Application Effects:

Provide needed water for the plant’s root timely and supplement the nutrient for the plant by irrigating and fertilizing at the same time. This is not only good for absorbing but also water-saving and fertilizer-saving.

The tape can adjust earth temperature and humidity and keeps soil from hardening.

The tape can keep loose soil structure and help to form suitable environment with water, fertilizer and hot-gas.

The drip washing to the partial soil can reduce the saline harm.

The tape can reduce the usage amount of fertilizer and pesticide. So, the quality of the crop can be improved and achieve the purpose of increasing both production and income.

The crops grow balanced due to outstanding water distribution uniformity.

Irrigation uniform can effectively control the weeds.

One-time investment cost is low.


Diameter: 16 mm

Thickness: 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm

Dripper spacing: 200 mm to 500 mm

Working pressure: 0.1 MPa

Flow rate: 1.8, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0 L/h

Length of every roll: 200 m, 400 m or based on customer requirement