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Drip Irrigation Tape

Seamless construction makes the tape stronger and resistance to mechanical stretch. Highly resistant to plugging due to the multiple inlet filters...

Flat Dripper Tape

All the flat drippers have a separate filter that making them has a strong blocking resistance. The flow pass of flat dripper is made with...

GR Pipe & Plain Pipe

Cylindrical drippers are inserted into extruded PE pipe. Different dripper spacing, wall thickness, diameter and flow rate is available. It has wide...


Vacuum calibration water tank material: stainless steel
Touch screen shelf: Delta ,Taiwan
Raw material feeding machine:Automatic vacuum feeder Packing machine

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Some Details About Golden Key

Golden Key Middle East FZE is located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company produces and sells many kinds of drip tapes, drip pipe, drip irrigation fittings and drip tape production line. It is a new high-tech enterprise of drip irrigation technology integrated in Research & Development.

Customer Feedback

    • Taoufik Ben Saad
    • Country : Tunisia

    This stuff is GREAT! We tried the drip tape for a few rows of our large garden. We were so happy with it, we've gone ahead and put it through the entire farm. The connectors install quickly and work reliably. Highly recommend 'GK' drip tape, fittings, and couplings!

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Drip tape

The new Drip tape series is manufactured with excellent durability, specifically for surface installations allowing farmers to install and retrieve drip tape from the field more effectively. Drip tape double line models are available in different flow rates and spacing combinations and are made of finest material that makes a long run usage.

Drip Tapes have a wide range of application, such as Greenhouse, Floriculture, Land cultivation.

Irrigation connectors

GK have new irrigation accessories Dn16and Dn17 for PE and Drip line. we have Lock Coupling with Male and Female Thread for Drip tape and PE pipe, Screen and Disc filters and simple punch Dn4,Dn17 complete the irrigation kit. Farmer friendly irrigation system.

Mobile-phone Remote Control Irrigation System

Mobile-phoneremote control irrigation system is new self-developed high-tech irrigation product by our parent company.It integrates sensor technology,electrical technology,communication technology,computer technology,automatic control technology IMAQ processing technology and could be a strong tool for irrigation management.