About Golden Key

The company’s main business module is divided into four categories: production and sale of drip tape, drip pipe, drip irrigation fittings and drip tape machines . Among these four categories, there are three different kinds of drip tape: drip tape with double line, drip tape with flat drippers and labyrinth drip tape. Based on advanced technology and craftsmanship, the company has researched successfully on many productions. For example: drip tape with double line is introduced on the basis of drip tape with flat dripper. This production has a significant advantage in the aspects of anti-blocking, uniform of flow rate and so on, the technology has achieved the world-class advanced technology.

Who We Are?

Our vision is to be the unique face of Drip irrigation industry by providing quality products with modern technology and management practices to help the customers to maximize their farm products. And our mission is recognize advances in irrigation technology and practices that produce not only more but also higher quality plants with less water.

About Our Work

Our productions have received many countries’ favor, for example Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and other countries. Golden Key Middle East FZE has been keeping the operating principle of “Advanced by leading technology and guaranteed by top-quality”. In the future, our company will continue to focus on the development of the irrigation. And we look forward to become your most reliable long-term partner.