Drip Irrigation Tape


Range of Application:

Greenhouse: Cucumber, Strawberry, Tomato, Watermelon etc.

Floriculture: Rose, Tulips, Carnations, Lilies for fresh flowers.

Land cultivation: Tomato, Tobacco, Ginseng, Pepper, watermelon etc.

Product Feature:

  • Seamless construction makes the tape stronger and resistance to mechanical stretch.
  • Highly resistant to plugging due to the multiple inlet filters.
  • Slotted and linear entrance can effectively avoid the plugging caused by plant’s root or insects go into the flow pass.
  • Energy dissipation effect, uniform of irrigation and flow index of extended turbulent flow pass are very good.
  • Unique color mark line is made for correct installation.
  • This tape has the strong terrain adaptability. It can save materials by laid loner than other tapes.
  • The tape has a variety of wall thickness and diameter specifications. The space of emitting units is changeable.

Application Effects:

Provide needed water for the plant’s root timely and supplement the nutrient for the plant by irrigating and fertilizing at the same time. This is not only good for absorbing but also water-saving and fertilizer-saving.

The tape can adjust earth temperature and humidity and keeps soil from hardening.

The tape can keep loose soil structure and help to form suitable environment with water, fertilizer and hot-gas.

The drip washing to the partial soil can reduce the saline harm.

The tape can reduce the usage amount of fertilizer and pesticide. So, the quality of the crop can be improved and achieve the purpose of increasing both production and income.

The crops grow balanced due to outstanding water distribution uniformity.

Irrigation uniform can effectively control the weeds.

One-time investment cost is low.


Diameter: 16 mm and 17 mm

Thickness: 0.127 mm to 0.60 mm

Dripper spacing: 100 mm-500 mm, such as 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm and so on.

Working pressure: 0.1 MPa

Flow rate: 0.85 L/H-3 L/H, such as 1.2 L, 1.5 L and so on.

Length of every roll: 500 m-3000 m, such as 1000 m, 2000 m, 3000 m and so on.